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"A Voice for Iran" is a poignant short animation by Onimations and voiced by Brian Cox, aimed at supporting the Woman, Life, Freedom movement in Iran.

The animated short was published on the anniversary of the tragic death of 22-year-old Mehsa Amini at the hands of Iran's morality police, catalyzing the movement against the oppressive regime and gender apartheid in the country. It sheds light on the brutal crackdown during protests, resulting in numerous arrests and casualties, including innocent children. The animation highlights the atrocities committed by the regime, such as the poisoning of girls' schools where protests were held. Moreover, it criticizes the lack of accountability for these crimes and the political opportunism of certain Western governments. "A Voice for Iran" calls for solidarity and unity in standing up for the rights and freedoms of the Iranian people.

Brian Cox, the distinguished British actor, is not only celebrated for his remarkable performances in film and television but also for his commitment to raising awareness on pressing social and political issues. Cox has demonstrated a keen interest in advocating for various causes, including supporting movements like Iran's Woman, Life, Freedom movement. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Cox's efforts in raising awareness have undoubtedly contributed to sparking conversations and mobilizing support for marginalized communities globally. His dedication to amplifying voices and promoting freedom and equality underscores his role as not just an actor but also a conscientious advocate for social change.


Brian Cox expressed his sentiments on this collaboration, stating, "Happy to lend my voice to end this Gender Apartheid in Iran and all over the world. Thank you Onimations for using Art to change the world"

Mehran Sanei, Iranian/British creative director, is the founder of Onimations, a pioneering platform creating awareness through animated shorts. Sanei utilizes animation as a powerful medium to shed light on pressing social and political issues, particularly focusing on the fight for freedom in Iran.

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