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L'UOMO E LA LUNA is a poignant song by Ashkan Khatibi, a distinguished Iranian director, actor, and singer who gained prominence for his talent and courage in addressing political issues. Khatibi, known for his outspokenness against injustices, left his homeland due to political persecution. The song serves as a powerful social critique, highlighting the abuse of power in Iran. Through its lyrics, Khatibi confronts the prevailing political climate with unwavering honesty and insight, shedding light on the challenges faced by those who dare to speak out against oppression. As a popular actor in Iran, Khatibi's departure underscores the sacrifices made by individuals striving for freedom of expression in the face of adversity.

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L'UOMO E LA LUNA had its premiere performance by Ashkan Khatibi for the first time at the 'Love Harder' event in Milan, organized by Corriere della Sera in support of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement.

Ashkan Khatibi, an Iranian multi-talented artist born on October 11, 1979, in Tehran, is recognized for his diverse contributions to the entertainment industry. Khatibi has excelled as an actor, singer, presenter, producer, and director. His versatility extends to music, where he showcased his talent in the Iranian rock band Apolo in 1996, demonstrating proficiency in playing instruments such as the piano, guitar, and harmonica. With a passion for both cinema and theater, Khatibi has also worked as an acting coach, enriching the artistic community with his expertise. His dedication to the arts and his multifaceted skills have made him a respected figure in Iranian entertainment, contributing significantly to the cultural landscape of the region.

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Mehran Sanei, the creator of L'UOMO E LA LUNA's music video, is the founder of Onimations, a pioneering platform creating awareness through animated shorts. Sanei utilizes animation as a powerful medium to shed light on pressing social and political issues, particularly focusing on the fight for freedom in Iran.

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