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The animated series Onimations explores a variety of subjects, such as zen, philosophy, psychology, and other areas that can advance our development as conscious beings.

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My name is Mehran Sanei and I am an Iranian animator based in Cambridge,UK. Since 1999, I have worked in digital arts and animation, and in September 2022, I made a promise to myself that going forward, I would focus my work on the projects with a positive impact on my life and others.

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The characters' overall aesthetic is influenced by traditional African masks.


Characters and other animation elements were created using micro life photographs of insects and small underwater critters.

I want to express my gratitude to Paul Kämpf, Darcy Santos, Cai Song Da, and Petter Lilleengen for kindly allowing me to use their incredible micro photography in these series.

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The colour schemes and textures of these series were inspired by the old Catalan tiles that we had in our apartment in Barcelona.


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