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Onimations explore a variety of subjects, such as the humanities and social sciences from philosophy and zen to sociology and psychology, as well as other topics that can advance our development as conscious beings.

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In collaboration with influential authors, speakers and artists, the Onimations series is created by Mehran Sanei, an Iranian/British animator and creative director based in Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, UK. Mehran's works have been published on prominent outlets such as the BBC and the Washington Post and have been screened in front of thousands in cinema theatres and concert venues.

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The characters' overall aesthetic is influenced by traditional African masks. Characters and other animation elements are created using micro-photographs of small creatures such as insects and underwater animals. I want to express my gratitude to Paul Kämpf, Darcy Santos, Sarah LloydCai Song Da, Barry Webb, Tim Boomer, Elke Dahl, Martin Tin ReichenbachJason McCombe, Peta McDonaldEric Cho, Karsten Buch, Ryan Dale, Przemysław Kryściak, Benny Chia, Andy SandsJavier RupérezDara Ojo, Max Mudie and Petter Lilleengen for kindly allowing me to use their incredible micro photography in these series.

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Aspidimorpha micro-photography by Paul Kämpf

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The colour schemes and textures of these series are inspired by these vintage Catalonian tiles.



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"Under Iran's Islamic Penal Code, Iranian women's rights are severely restricted, a form of gender apartheid. Women must comply with the Islamic Republic’s mandatory hijab laws from the onset of puberty, and they are unequal in matters of marriage, divorce, custody, inheritance and more. In the Fall of 2022, hundreds of protesters, including dozens of children, have been killed by Iranian authorities. These nation‑wide protests were triggered by the tragic death of 22 year old Mahsa Jina Amini who died in police custody after being arrested by Iran’s “morality police” for failing to properly cover her hair."

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Since the emergence of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement,

raising awareness of the human rights situation in Iran has become Onimation’s main focus.

Onimations' Iran awareness videos have received more than 17 million views on social media thanks to prominent contributors.

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Slime moulds are used as the basis for the character designs of the videos raising awareness of Iran. Slime mould is not a plant or animal. It's not a fungus, though it sometimes resembles one. Slime mould is a single-celled creature that normally lives independently. When food is in short supply, many of these single-celled organisms will congregate and start moving as a single body. In this state they are sensitive to airborne chemicals and can detect food sources. Reporting in the journal Nature, Toshiyuki Nakagaki from the Bio-Mimetic Control Research Centre in Nagoya showed that a slime mould negotiated the shortest route between two exits in a maze, avoiding three longer paths. It is amazing what these single-celled, nerveless organisms can do when they work together. This cooperative ability to solve a task, which seem impossible, is similar to the situation of Iranian people, whose unity is necessary to gain freedom.


Therefore, the characters used in these videos are inspired by slime mould and the human-like shapes they form together.

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Manoto Persian TV Channel

London, UK


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